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Multistream to Instagram (How-to and requirements)

Instagram has unlocked multi-streaming from a desktop using LiveMeUp.

How to connect to Instagram?

1- Make sure you have a Professional Instagram account.

2- From Instagram on your desktop, click + Create, then Live video.

3- Enter your video title and choose your audience.

Practice will keep your stream private and Public will broadcast to all your followers.

4- In a separate tab, go to LiveMeUp's home screen and Do not close the Instagram tab.

5- Click the Live events menu, then click Multistream, and toggle the Instagram button.

6- Copy/Paste the Stream URL and the Stream key from Instagram to LiveMeUp.

7- Once you start streaming on LiveMeUp, go back to your Instagram tab; you'll see a preview of your stream in a few seconds. Click Go Live.

9- ‚ÄčTo finish your live smoothly, stop the stream on Instagram before ending it on LiveMeUp.


Instagram currently limits live streams to one hour. Streams exceeding this time limit may automatically end on Instagram.

The stream key is not permanent. You'll need a new one for each new stream.

Always keep the Instagram Live Video tab open; otherwise, you won't be able to return to it, and the stream will end.

Once you see your preview on Instagram, you have up to 5 hours to click "Go live".

If you end your stream on LiveMeUp before you end it on Instagram, the live video will stay 'stuck' in the last frame it received for 4 minutes before ending.

Recording on Instagram starts upon going Live from LiveMeUp, even before selecting "Go Live" on Instagram. Keep this in mind to avoid unwanted portions in your archive.

Updated on: 28/04/2024

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