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Multistream to Instagram : Requirements & FAQ


Make sure you have a Professional Instagram account.

Instagram currently limits live streams to one hour sharp. Streams exceeding this time limit will automatically end on Instagram.

The stream key is not permanent. You'll need a new one for each new stream.

Always keep the Instagram Live Video tab open; otherwise, you won't be able to return to it, and the stream will end.

Once you see your preview on Instagram, you have up to 5 hours to click "Go live".

If you end your stream on LiveMeUp before you end it on Instagram, the live video will stay 'stuck' in the last frame it received for 4 minutes before ending.

Recording on Instagram starts upon going Live from LiveMeUp, even before selecting "Go Live" on Instagram. Keep this in mind to avoid unwanted portions in your archive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Instagram save my stream?

Yes, if you have live archiving enabled in your Instagram settings.

Will I be able to see comments from Instagram in LiveMeUp while streaming?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see comments inside your LiveMeUp Live manager when using Instagram Live. In order to see comments, you would need to keep the stream window open on Instagram to see them directly there.

Will my followers be notified that I am live if I am streaming to Instagram from LiveMeUp?

Yes. Your followers will get notifications that you are live!

What happens if I end my LiveMeUp stream but forget to end it on Instagram's end?

If you end your stream on LiveMeUp's end, but forget to also end it on Instagram, it will automatically end by itself after 4 minutes.

Why is my stream not appearing on Instagram?

It may be possible you are using an old or incorrect stream key. Double check your stream key for typos, or try refreshing Instagram and setting up the stream again to generate a new stream key.

Can I mute the stream on Instagram's end to prevent echo?

At this time, Instagram does not offer the option to mute your stream on their end. Instead, right click up on the Instagram tab and click "Mute tab" or "Mute site" to mute the tab and prevent echo.

What happens if I close out of the Instagram tab while streaming?

If you close out of the Instagram tab while you are live, the stream will end immediately on Instagram's end. When you visit Instagram again, you will need to connect it to LiveMeUp again, using a new stream key.

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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