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Discovering the Replay manager

Replays are an incredible way to endlessly monetize your Live events.

You can access all replays from the Replay Manager. Just sort, browse, and click on the replay you want to review.

From the "Replay Links" tab you can edit and modify replays cover picture, title and description.

From the “Replay Links” tab, you can download an MP4 version of any live event, which is very useful for repurposing on social platforms. You also have clickable links for each replay, ready to be shared with your clients in a newsletter or social post.

Share your replay as much as possible as it's generating endless viewing time and sales.

From the “Replay Links” tab, you can access links to each product chapter presented during the live session. These links will open the replay at the moment you start talking about the relevant product.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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