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Stream from StreamYard (New 🚀)

Stream from an external streaming platform

We recommend using StreamYard as streaming provider :

Once you've created an account on StreamYard, select the Basic plan which will give you many creative options and the RTMP streaming capability :

streaming from multiple cameras : show your products under different angles

hosting a dual stream live : invite someone to co-host a live with you

In any case, a simple setup is needed as shown below :

Click on Custom RTMP

Retrieve the RTMP Server URL and the StreamKey from LiveMeUp

Then Copy/Paste the RTMP Server URL from LiveMeUp and Copy/Paste the StreamKey from LiveMeUp

You're all set!

Next step is 'Enter Studio' and let StreamYard guide you through many creative options!

Updated on: 16/04/2024

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