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Technical requirements for a good streaming experience

What are the technical requirements needed to host live shopping events with LiveMeUp?

To ensure a smooth and successful live shopping event with LiveMeUp, there are several key technical requirements:

Internet Connection:

When streaming with LiveMeUp you need to connect both a smartphone and a laptop to your network.

To guarantee an optimal streaming quality :

Stream from your smartphone using your 4/5G network

Connect your laptop to your wifi network.

In any case, we recommend a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps for high-quality video streaming.

Check your upload speed **HERE**

Device Specifications:

For computers:
A recent operating system (Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 and newer) and a capable processor (Intel i5 or better) are recommended.

For streaming smartphones:
Smartphone : iPhone 12 or later / Samsung S21 or later
Operating System: iOS 13.0 or later / Android 9.0 (Pie) or later.
Camera: Front and rear-facing camera with a minimum of 1080p video recording capability.
Microphone: Good quality internal microphone, optionally supplemented with an external lapel or shotgun microphone for enhanced audio clarity.
Battery Life: Ensure sufficient battery life for the duration of the live event or have the device connected to a power source.

Web Browser:
The latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge for optimal performance and compatibility.

Lighting and Sound Equipment:
Good lighting and clear audio are essential for a professional-looking live event. Consider using external microphones and additional lighting if needed.

Streaming Software (if applicable):
If you plan to use advanced streaming setups, such as multiple cameras or on-screen graphics, ensure you have compatible streaming software that works with LiveMeUp. We recommend using StreamYard ( Watch tutorial HERE

LiveMeUp Account and Shopify Integration:
Make sure your LiveMeUp app is up-to-date on your Shopify store.

Testing Before the Event:
Conduct a test run to check your internet connection, video quality, sound clarity, and the overall streaming setup. This helps in identifying and resolving any technical issues before the live event.

Support Contact:
Have the contact details of LiveMeUp’s support team handy in case you encounter any technical issues during setup or the live event. Contact the team by Chat anytime needed.

By meeting these technical requirements, you can confidently host engaging and high-quality live shopping events with LiveMeUp, offering your customers an interactive and enjoyable shopping experience.

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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